AS09 - 8 Mm - Skewers Sticks - Round

AS09 - 8 Mm - Skewers Sticks - Round

  • Square 8mm Tandoor Morni Skewers
  • Delivery of Tandoori Skewers in USA and Canada ( Tandoori Skewers canada / Tandoori Skewers USA) in Canada.
  • AS09 is under Morni Tandoor Accessories listing in Canada.
  • AS09 Tandoori Skewers for restaurants & commercial catering comes in a set of 8/10/12 pieces and approx. 39' long. These are all fitted with stoppers.
  • This model is popularly known as AS09 Tandoori Skewers / AS09 Stainless Steel Skewers / AS09 Square 8 mm Skewers in Canada.


  • Tandoori chicken skewers
  • Tandoori oven for sale
  • kabob skewers
  • Paneer Skewers
  • kebab Skewers
  • Morni tandoor tandoori skewers 8 mm square for sale
  • Paneer Skewers in Canada.

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