R28 - Home Tandoor Oven
Domestic & Catering Drum Tandoor

R28 - Home Tandoor Oven

This traditional clay oven is perfect for cooking a variety of Indian dishes, including naan bread, tandoori chicken, and kebabs. The R28 Home Tandoor Oven is made of high-quality clay and is designed to reach high temperatures, which results in perfectly cooked food with a delicious, chargrilled flavor.


The R28 Home Tandoor Oven is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started, including:

  • A removable stand
  • A stainless steel lid
  • A set of skewers
  • A naan bread rack
  • A thermometer
  • Detailed instruction manual

To use the R28 Home Tandoor Oven, simply:

  1. Heat the oven to the desired temperature.
  2. Place your food on the skewers or naan bread rack.
  3. Insert the food into the oven and cook until done.
  4. Remove the food from the oven and enjoy!

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